GI Earthing Electrode

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  1. Galvanised Iron Earthing Electrode

    lectrogrip manufactures Galvanised iron Electrodes with a length of 3 meters. The diameter of this earthing electrode is 80 mm. As the name suggests, the main material that is used here to build this earthing electrode is galvanised iron. Up to 100 microns of zinc coating prevents corrosion and offers a life span of 7 to 10 years. This product lasts longer than normal iron, the zinc coating slows down the corrosion process. Though the longevity of the products completely depends on the soil. Advantages: There are several advantages of using a GI or Galvanised Earthing Electrode, The cost is lesser than the copper electrode. The corrosion process is comparatively slower than a normal iron rod. Note: Prices mentioned here are for Bulk Quantity, the price may vary according to your requirement.
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